Small Business Litigation

We have assisted business clients with litigation involving:

  • noncompetition agreements, both to enforce such agreements and to prevent enforcement
  • contract disputes concerning services provided and unpaid invoices
  • disputes involving residential construction as well as office renovations
  • mechanic's liens
  • corporate disputes concerning share ownership
  • enforcement of shareholder agreements
  • defamation
  • tax abatement

Probate & Miscellaneous Litigation

We have assisted individuals with litigation involving:

  • claims of undue influence and disputes involving joint bank accounts
  • challenges to actions of fiduciaries such as trustees and executors
  • challenges to appointment of fiduciaries and allowance of wills
  • residential real estate disputes, including recovery of deposit and specific performance of Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • employment discrimination
  • issues with real estate and mortgage brokers
  • real estate tax abatements
  • ... and others you really don't want to know ...

Please call our office for an appointment if you are interested in discussing any of this issues and to determine if we can meet your needs.

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Additional Information

You may also wish to see our website for information concerning estate planning.